A Guide to the Candies Isles Bundle

A Guide to the Candied Isles Bundle

Check out the Candied Isles Bundle here and buy it from Gamestop online here!

Introduced to the game in November 2020, own your own piece of Karamelle with the Candied Isles bundle. This sweet bundle includes a new castle filled with all the treats to your hearts content. You also get a matching set of gear to wear in your adventures in the spiral, along a pet and mount as dessert. I’m already smelling the chocolate fountain from here so I’m just gonna follow my nose and see where it takes me and what I find!

The Candied Isles Bundle includes:

  • Candied Isles Village
  • Sweet Ride Mount
  • Marshfellow Pet
  • Sweetish Chef Gear
  • Whisk of Doom Weapon
  • 1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

Candies Isles Village

Welcome to the Candies Isles Village! You’ll find the village to be composed of 5 buildings in different Karamelle inspired designs. Each home has two or three floors and are all connected underneath with chocolate tunnels. There is so much decorating potential with this castle. In the center of the village is a never ending chocolate fountain, offering you an item each day.

Hold on tight and enjoy the view! Travel to the top of the mountain through the door and ride down your own sled ride waiting for you at the top. Next to the mountain you can walk through a wooden archway onto a peppermint platform, in the middle of the platform is the PvP arena.

Sweet Ride! Mount

Created from chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate cookies, gumdrops and a cherry on top, you should probably resist the temptations to take a nibble of this Sweet Ride! mount. This mount travels at 40% mount speed and will take you anywhere you wish to travel in the spiral.

Marshfellow Pet

From the Gumdrop Forests of Karamelle, a Marshfellow decided to see what the spiral has to offer and join you on your next adventures. At baby this pet gives you one myth shield item card.

Sweetish Chef Outfit & Wisk of Doom Wand

Make your own treats from Karamelle in your Sweetish Chef outfit and using your Wisk of Doom. Just make sure to clean up any messes you make along the way. This set can be dyed to your preferred colors.

This bundle captures the essence of Karamelle very well and is one of KingsIsle’s best bundles in recent memory. The Sweetish Chef gear is extremely fitting and is a wonderful costume for stitching purposes. What did you like about the bundle the most? If you’re interested in getting this bundle you can get it from Gamestop using the link above in the top of the article.

Disclaimer: The products and services listed above were provided by KingsIsle Entertainment for the sole purpose of review. No monetary compensation was provided for the sake of this review.