DuelCircle Competitive – Spring 2023 (Archive)

DuelCircle Competitive Season 3 – Spring Split 2023

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Congratulations to Blaine Spellwraith on winning the 2023 Spring Split!

Check out Blaine’s winner interview as he reflects on the 2023 Spring Split, here.

All game VODs will be uploaded to the DuelCircle Competitive YouTube Channel soon. Reference the Player Info Sheet for specific game archives in the meantime.

DuelCircle Competitive returns Saturday, September 2nd for the 2023 Fall Split, we’ll see you then!

Spring Postseason Bracket and Schedule

Since Blaine Spellwraith ended in 1st place during the regular season, he had the choice to play either Eric Legend or Stephen Shadow during his A1 Upper Bracket Round 1 series. Blaine chose Eric, thus finalizing the bracket.

Each matchup will be a best-of-three series. Similar to the regular season, each individual game will have a 30 minute allotted time limit. Players may alter their gear and deck setup in-between games during their 15 minute break time, if they choose.

Round 1 – Upper Bracket | Saturday, March 25th:

  • Match A2 – 3pm EDT | (1) Blaine Spellwraith vs (4) Eric Legend | Blaine Spellwraith wins 2-0 after timer decisions in games 1-2. See the competitive rulings below. | Game 1 VOD | Game 2 VOD
  • Match A1 – (Approx.) 4:30pm EDT | (2) Seth Sunheart vs (3) Stephen Shadow | Seth Sunheart wins 2-0 | Game 1 featured a non-disqualifying no-show penalty involving Seth Sunheart. See the competitive ruling below. | Game 1 VOD | Game 2 VOD

Round 1 – Lower Bracket | Sunday, March 26th:

  • Match X2 – 3pm EDT | (6) Blaze Stormcloud vs Stephen Shadow | Stephen Shadow wins 2-0 | Game 1 VOD | Game 2 VOD
  • Match X1 – (Approx.) 4:30pm EDT | (5) Matthew vs Eric Legend | Eric Legend wins 2-0 | Game 1 VOD | Game 2 VOD

Round 2 | Saturday, April 1st:

  • Match Y1 – 3pm EDT | Eric Legend vs Stephen Shadow | Stephen Shadow wins 2-0 | Game 1 featured a non-disqualifying no-show penalty involving Stephen Shadow. See the competitive ruling below. | Game 1 VOD | Game 2 VOD
  • Match B1 – (Approx.) 4:30pm EDT | Blaine Spellwraith vs Seth Sunheart | Blaine Spellwraith wins 2-1 | Game 1 VOD | Game 2 VOD | Game 3 VOD

Round 3 | Sunday, April 2nd:

  • Match Z1 Semifinals – 3pm EDT | Seth Sunheart vs Stephen Shadow | Seth Sunheart wins 2-0 | VODs will be available soon, reference the stream, here!
  • Match C1 Finals – (Approx.) 4:30pm EDT | Blaine Spellwraith vs Seth Sunheart | Blaine Spellwraith wins 2-1 | VODs will be available soon, reference the stream, here!

Spring Postseason Prizing

The 2023 Spring Split features our largest prize pool EVER. For the first time, 1st place will receive 90,000 Crowns in total. Returning for our finalists, we’ve brought back special custom Charmer’s Mystical Flute codes allowing the winners to choose which school flute they’d like! We’ve also expanded our guaranteed prizing with some cool new stuff thanks to community managers Kyle Icewielder and Mathew Anderson over at KingsIsle!

As always, members of the league will automatically receive the following participation prizes in the event that they do not reach the Spring Postseason:

  • 7,500 Crowns
  • 1 Month W101 Membership
  • 1 Gold Skeleton Key
  • Blue Raptor Wand

As a reminder, If any redemption issues occur, send an email to community@wizard101.com with the problematic code and your KingsIsle account username ONLY. KingsIsle does not require you to provide your password to them. Codes are for the Gamigo North American version of Wizard101. Redeem your prize codes at Wizard101.com/Promo!

For a text based list of prizing for the Spring Postseason, click here to reference the DuelCircle Competitive Rulebook.

Spring Split On-Air Team

This Spring features our most stacked broadcast team EVER. Everyone on this Spring’s broadcast team has various backgrounds in the Wizard101 community, and Ranked PvP scene. We’ve brought back a majority of Fall 2022’s broadcast team in CheerValX, Khalil Red, Ultimate Speedster, Colinsnotkey, Alex Crow, TheFrenzyGamer, and TaylorXFlame. Some familiar faces from previous DuelCircle tournaments also return this split in SparkleFountain, Avery, and Damon. Last but not least, our newest additions to the broadcast team are Elite Monica, Kukki4u, and Faeriequeens!

We’ll have a rotating panel of shoutcasters and streamers throughout the Spring bringing you full coverage of the tournament. Broadcasts begin at 2:45pm ET each gameday.

Tune in daily for a chance to win special prize codes including 1 Month Wizard101 Memberships, Crowns, and more for KingsIsle games! The 2023 Spring Split is presented by KingsIsle and Gamigo!

We’re excited to announce that KingsIsle Marketing Specialist Mesa/Maceryn and KingsIsle Associate Developer Cam/Hephaestus will be joining the Spring Postseason Championship Sunday Broadcast on April 2nd for a casual chat!

Looking for match VODs from the tour? Due to technical difficulties we have not been able to process many individual game VODs, and upload edited copies of them publicly to the DuelCircle Competitive YouTube Channel. Instead, find specific game VODs here.

Official DuelCircle Competitive Rulebook

The DuelCircle Competitive comprehensive rulebook has information regarding gameplay rules, league structure, eligibility, tiebreaker scenarios, match processes, playoff format, player conduct, and other ancillary items. The Season 3 Official Rulebook may be referenced at any time, here.

Throughout 2023 and beyond, we’ll be carefully adjusting these rules over time based on gameplay trends within the tournament, and within the Ranked 1v1 ecosystem. While we can’t stop KingsIsle from implementing updates that impact the tournament, we trust that they’ll make changes that benefit the entire PvP community and we’ll inform players of any impacts as they occur.

Competitive Ruling: 2023 Spring Postseason Schedule and Rulebook

With the introduction of the Spring Wizard101 Update to the Live Realm, and in accordance of Rules 6.4 and 8.3 regarding the official competitive patch of DuelCircle Competitive tournaments and in order to preserve the best interests of the league, we have decided (in accordance with KingsIsle) to treat this as an “unannounced live server update”, as mentioned explicitly in Rule 6.4.1.

While the Spring Test Realm has been live for the past few weeks, we feel that it is best to continue the tournament as scheduled due to the upcoming Easter holiday on Sunday, April 9th. The official rulebook will not be altered due to this update.

League Format

8 randomly selected players from a prospective entry pool, alongside our 2 finalists from the 2022 Fall Split, will compete in the 2023 Spring Split.

In this 1v1 Level 150+ tournament, all 10 Players will face each-other twice in a 9-week double round-robin format from Saturday, January 21st through Sunday, March 19th. Players play each weekend day, 2 games per week, 18 total games over the 9-week span. Games begin at 3pm Eastern with a 30 minute time limit.

The top 6 players at the conclusion of Week 9’s games (and any potential tiebreaker games) on Sunday, March 19th will advance to the Spring Postseason.

Spring Postseason Format

The top 4 players will compete in a double elimination format (Upper Bracket) while the 5th/6th seed compete in a single elimination format (Lower Bracket).

The player who finishes in 1st place during the Regular Season will be able to choose between the 3rd/4th place seed as their Round 1 opponent in Match A1.

Postseason Matches are played in a Best-of-Three series. In between games, players have 15 minutes to reset and prepare for the following game. Similar to the Regular Season, games will also have a 30 minute time limit.

The Spring Postseason will take place on March 25th-26th and April 1st-2nd with 3pm Eastern daily start times, featuring 2 Postseason Matches each day.

For more information, reference Section 5 of the DuelCircle Competitive Rulebook.

For a video version of the Spring Split Format, click here. (We’ll be making an updated version of this video soon, stay tuned!)

Spring Regular Season Schedule

The 2023 Spring Split Regular Season features 90 games over the span of 9 weeks (January 21st – March 19th). Participants compete in 2 games each week with games lasting 30 minutes or less.

To see the schedule for each week, click the arrows on the slideshow or select a radio button. For the Spring Postseason schedule, visit the League Format section below.

Final Spring Regular Season Standings

# – Clinched 1st place seed, ^ – Clinched top 4 seed, * – Clinched playoffs, E – Eliminated from playoff contention, NT – No Tiebreaker game to be played, T – Tiebreaker game played

Learn more about the 10 participants by referencing the Player Info Sheet, here.

Competitive Ruling: Matthew, Alex Earthhammer, and Blaze Stormcloud

  • At 5:30pm EST on February 26th, game officials formally postponed this game due to both players not being present in-game to begin their match (set forth in rulebook section 6.5.8.)
  • Over the span of the next 3 weeks, both players had the opportunity to schedule a time among each other in order to formally play this game.
  • As of Sunday, March 19th, neither player had put forth any effort towards scheduling the game. As mentioned in the rulebook (section 7.6.2), league officials have the power to award a loss to the player who put forth the least amount of effort when trying to schedule completion of any game.
  • Prior to the Sunday, March 19th deadline, Matthew had suggested that he is willingly okay with the forfeiture of all uncompleted postponed games. At the time, leadership honored this request and awarded wins to all remaining players. However, Matthew and Alex Earthhammer also had a postponed game from Week 3, Saturday February 4th that also remained unplayed.
    • As part of aformentioned section 7.6.2, as well as rulebook section 8.3, which allows leadership decisions to be made in order to preserve the best interests of the League, we have unilaterally reversed the results of this game. Matthew will receive the win against Alex Earthhammer.
    • Typically when two players have two unplayed games against each-other at the end of a season, leadership may award one win and one loss to each player.
      • Matthew had 7 unplayed games. Specifically, 2 against Stephen Shadow, Blaine Spellwraith, and Alex Earthhammer, as well as a single standalone game against Eric Legend. Stephen Shadow, Blaine Spellwraith, and Eric Legend all put forth significant effort when trying to schedule the completion of these games, but Matthew did not adequately communicate with the aforementioned players or leadership, therefore allowing us to reasonably award losses to Matthew.
    • Due to this, Matthew’s final regular season record changed to 10-8, putting him in the 5th postseason seed. This allowed for Alex Earthhammer to end with an 8-9 record, and Blaze Stormcloud to end with a 7-10 record with one final matchup between Alex and Blaze remaining.
      • Alex Earthhammer did not communicate with leadership when trying to schedule this game on Sunday, March 19th. The day prior, Alex had mentioned that he will play this matchup on Sunday. Unfortunately since Alex did not communicate or show up, we have awarded Blaze Stormcloud the victory.
      • Both Alex Earthhammer and Blaze Stormcloud ended the regular season with an 8-10 record, however Blaze Stormcloud will make the postseason as the 6th and final seed due to natural tiebreaker rules (section 4.4).

Spring Split Regular Season Player of the Week Awards

Each week, players can earn 1,000 Crowns for standout performances during their 2 game stretch. Whether a player dominated or heavily improved and stepped up their game (literally), they’ll be in contention to receive the week’s top honors. Player of the Week discussions happen internally, on the tournament broadcasts, and on the Beyond The Spiral podcast.

Player of the Week awards will be announced at the beginning of each Saturday afternoon broadcast at 2:45pm Eastern during the Spring Split Regular Season. Player of the Week Prize codes will be sent to the email address on file after each Saturday’s games. Check back each week for winner announcements!

DuelCircle Competitive News and Updates

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  • Looking for match VODs from the tour? Due to technical difficulties we have not been able to process many individual game VODs and upload edited copies of them publicly to the DuelCircle Competitive YouTube Channel. Instead, find specific game VODs here.

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