Fall Split

Season 0 – DuelCircle Fall Split

Check this page back often for all things DuelCircle Competitive including standings, weekly game schedules, league news, highlights and more. This page is your one-stop shop for the Fall Split.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Fall Playoffs have been delayed. We will share future updates on this page and on Social Media as soon as they become available. Games will be recorded and directly uploaded to YouTube due to scheduling conflicts.

Final Playoff Bracket Standings

  1. Thomas Heart – Fall ’20 Champion
  2. Aaron Light – Fall ’20 Runner Up
  3. Stephen Shadow
  4. Tatiana Fairypetal
  5. Emma / Christopher Icewalker

Fall Playoff Bracket

Playoff Best-of-Three Series Schedule:

[Round 1: Upper Bracket]

Match A2 | Stephen Shadow vs Aaron Light | Aaron Light wins 2-0

Match A1 | Thomas Heart vs Tatiana Fairypetal | Thomas Heart wins 2-1

[Round 1: Lower Bracket]

Match X2 | Emma vs Stephen Shadow | Stephen Shadow wins 2-0

Match X1 | Christopher Icewalker vs Tatiana Fairypetal | Tatiana Fairypetal wins 2-0

[Round 2]

[Lower Bracket] Match Y1 | Tatiana Fairypetal vs Stephen Shadow | Tatiana Fairypetal wins 2-1

[Upper Bracket] Match B1 | Thomas Heart vs Aaron Light | Thomas Heart wins 2-1

[Round 3]

Match Z1 Semifinals | Aaron Light vs Tatiana Fairypetal | Aaron Light wins 2-0

Match C1 Finals | Thomas Heart vs Aaron Light | Thomas Heart wins 2-0

Final Regular Season Standings

# – Clinched 1st place seed, ^ – Clinched top 4 seed, * – Clinched playoffs, E – Eliminated

Regular Season Game Schedule

Games begin (approx.) in 45 minute intervals after the start of Game 1.

To see each week’s schedule, click the arrows on the slideshow or select a radio button.

Tiebreakers (if any) to be played immediately after Sunday, November 8th’s games. If 3 or more tiebreaker games are needed, games to be played on Tuesday, November 10th at 7:30pm Eastern. Playoff matchups to be posted immediately following the final game of the regular season.

Fall Split Playoff Prizes

The Fall Champion and Runner-up will automatically be guaranteed acceptance into 2021’s Spring Split league based tournament.

Members of the league automatically receive the following prizes for participating, in the event that they do not reach playoffs:

  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Life Mastery Amulet
  • Mega Snack Pack
  • Staff of the Querent Wand

Prize codes will be sent to the email address on file on the week of Monday, November 30th (Player of the Week 1,000 Crown Awards will be sent during the Regular Season).

If any redemption issues occur, send an email to community@wizard101.com with the problematic code and your KingsIsle account username ONLY. KingsIsle does not require you to provide your password to them. Codes are for the North American version of Wizard101.

Regular Season Player of the Week Awards

Starting this Fall, we’re introducing the Player of the Week Award for the Regular Season. Each week, players can earn a sweet 1,000 Crowns for standout performances during their 2 game stretch. Whether someone dominated or heavily improved and stepped up their game (literally), they’ll be in contention.

Player of the Week will be announced at the beginning of each Friday Night broadcast at 6pm Eastern during the regular season. Player of the Week Prize codes will be sent to the email address on file after each Friday’s games.

Week 1 (September 11th-13th): Angel Mist

Week 2 (September 18th-20th): Thomas Heart

Week 3 (September 25th-27th): Aaron Light

Week 4 (October 2nd-4th): Stephen Shadow

Week 5 (October 9th-11th): Emma

Week 6 (October 16th-18th): Tatiana Fairypetal

Week 7 (October 23rd-25th): Aaron Light

Week 8 (October 30th-November 1st): Tatiana Fairypetal

Week 9 (November 6th-8th): Christopher Icewalker

League Format

10 Players will face eachother twice in a 9 week double round robin format. Players play 2 matches weekly Friday-Sunday (1 match per day, 1 guaranteed off day each week). Games begin on Friday Nights at 7:30pm Eastern and Weekends at 3pm Eastern with a 45 minute time limit.

The 1st Round Robin will be held from Friday, September 11th through Saturday, October 10th (Game 3). The 2nd Round Robin will be held from Saturday, October 10th (Game 4) through Sunday, November 8th.


The comprehensive rulebook has information regarding gameplay rules, league structure, eligibility, tiebreaker scenarios, match processes, playoff format, conduct, and other ancillary items. The 2020 Fall Official Rulebook may be referenced at any time, here.

Playoff Bracket

The top 6 players move onto the playoffs based on regular season standings. The top 4 players will compete in a double elimination format (Upper Bracket) while the 5th/6th seed compete in a single elimination format (Lower Bracket).

Playoff Matches are played in a Best-of-Three series. In between games, players have 15 minutes to reset and prepare for the following game. Similar to the Regular Season, games will also have a 45 minute time limit.

The 1st place seed will be able to choose between the 3rd/4th place seed as their Round 1 opponent in match A1. For more information, reference Section 5 of the DuelCircle Rulebook.

The Playoffs will be held from Saturday, November 14th through Sunday, November 29th.

Round 1 Upper Bracket:

  • Match A2: Saturday, November 14th, 3pm Eastern
  • Match A1: Sunday, November 15th, 3pm Eastern

Round 1 Lower Bracket:

  • Match X2: Tuesday, November 17th, 7:30pm Eastern
  • Match X1: Wednesday, November 18th, 7:30pm Eastern

Round 2:

  • Match Y1 (Lower Bracket): Saturday, November 21st, 3pm Eastern
  • Match B1 (Upper Bracket): Sunday, November 22nd, 3pm Eastern

Round 3 Semifinals/Finals:

  • Match Z1: Saturday, November 28th, 3pm Eastern
  • Match C1 Finals: Sunday, November 29th, 3pm Eastern

League News and Updates