What Is DuelCircle?

We’re a group of players who like to host tournaments in Wizard101. Kingsisle is a great company, but we think they aren’t doing enough to make a healthy PvP environment. We want to create a space where the best players in the game can truly shine and not get crit on by a salty 12-year old spamming Shadow-Enhanced spells.

When Is this year’s tournament?

The Wizard101 tournament will be held on Friday, December 29th and Saturday, December 30th. Games start at 2pm EST every day.

The League of Legends tournament was held on Friday, December 22nd at 8pm EST.

Where Is the bracket?

You can find the bracket for the Wizard101 tournament here!

What’s so special about Christmas Clash 2017?

To challenge participant creativity with gear selections and spell selections inside their spelldecks, each round will have its’ own special ruleset. This is accomplished by changing the win condition, restricting gameplay elements, or changing the conditions of the match. Match-specific rulesets will be revealed before each match starts. Players will get 30 minutes to prepare for each of their matches.

Watch this video from 2015 for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpll02NsiyY


Who are your prize sponsors for this year?

All tournament prize codes have been provided by Kingsisle’s CM @FriendlyNecro!

Art prizes have been provided by Sophia Dream, ArtsyMarsi, JaliSkyx

Special thanks to Duelist101, PetnomeLegends of the Spiral, Spiral Radio, Stars of the Spiral, & The Untold Spiral for kickstarting #Clash17 [W101]!


I really liked the teams 1v1 format from last year; are you going something like that again?

The goal of the Clash ’16 tournament was to create and refine a competitive format that would’ve been used extensively in the future. We wanted to offer an experience not normally available in-game.

We had taken inspiration from Hearthstone’s Conquest match format and “tried” to adapt the gamemode into Wizard101 but had issues overall with it. At this time, we don’t see this tournament format returning anytime soon. 

Will we have another tournament during the Fansite Festival or 1v1 Luau again for 2018?

Possibly! We’re still working out the details regarding future tournaments but we’d hope to keep hosting more tournaments in the new year. 

Why do we love Manders?

Manders are simply awesome mystical creatures that are fun, loveable, and “unique” in Wizard101. Who wouldn’t love them?

Why are all participants getting a Scepter of Tribute this year?

This year, DuelCircle has made the existence of the Scepter of Tribute into a meme. The Twizard community had influenced us into making sure that the meme would live on and have an influence in this year’s Christmas Clash tournament, so we decided to give everyone one! (Even staff) 

Where do I sign-up to be part of the staff?

Staff signups have unfortunately closed. Sorry about that!

How do I enter?

Participant signups have unfortunately closed. Sorry about that!

Where are the rules?

Right here!

Can I watch matches in-game?

Unfortunately, allowing large amounts of people to spectate in-game is not feasible at this time due to safety concerns. Sorry about that! 

How can I watch the tournament live?

On each game day, we’ll have two different livestreams running. Each stream will be covering different matches. Streams start at 1:30pm EST.

You can watch both livestreams at once & participant in each chat here!

You can also choose which individual livestream you would like to watch down below!


Casters: ItsAhzure and Kyle Icewielder


Casters: PebbleBeachWizard and EAssassin7

Wait, may-casts are banned?

Indeed they are! The general consensus in our staff is that may-cast abilities on pets, wands, and Jewels add an unhealthy amount of RNG into the game.

Who’s running the tournament?

This cat is running the entire tournament. His name is Mr. Muffincakes.

(Take a look at the staff list here for more info.)