Karamelle Eloise Merryweather Quest: Peanut Buttercups

Where to Find the Peanut Buttercups

Wet Ramen here, yes my gamertag involves food. Do you want to know what else involves food? Karamelle. Karamelle is a bittersweet world full of angry gummy bears, candy corn, and Nana’s delightful treats. While questing through the world, you might be inclined to find Eloise Merryweather and her quest to find the Peanut Buttercups throughout Karamelle. There are 9 in total, and finding them will result in you getting 1 training point (not like we have enough already), and the Darn Skippy badge! Sweet!

Karamelle City

Starting off in Karamelle City, you will find the buttercup in one of the flower beds near the Nanavator. As well as the buttercup, you can see the new Karamelle bundle gear with its sweet ride.

Von Trap Estate

Quite chilly in the Von Trap estate, but at least you got to enjoy a nice gondola ride, and how convenient for you! The buttercup will be found right underneath it.

Gumdrop Forest

To get to the Gumdrop Forest buttercup, you will have to take quite a hike to get to the end of the map near the river.


To find this buttercup, you will have to take a nice little picnic underneath a tree in the very corner of the map.


In this dark and gloomy mining town, the buttercup will be found near a chain fence in the left part of the map, slightly near the Nanavator.

Nibbleheim Mines

To find this one is quite tricky, as there is not any player arrow on the map, but you will find it near the cavity by the Kaiser Troll, as well as this mole.


In Gutenstadt, you can find the buttercup by a large boulder in the bottom left corner of the map near the entrance to the Black Licorice Forest.

Black Licorice Forest

In this forest full of disgusting black licorice, you can find the buttercup in the little candy corn farm near Gobblerton and Candy Corn Farm.

Candy Corn Farm

In this cute looking little area, you will find the Buttercup near one of the trees near the cave in the top part of the map.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Gobblerton Buttercup. Here, you can find it in King Gobbsmack’s fortress near the wall.

Congratulations! You found all the Karamelle Peanut Buttercups! Let us know what your favorite buttercup location was!

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