Karamelle Prospector Zeke Quest: Lemon-Heads

Where to Find the Lemon-Heads

Mandercat here, by the way did you know that there are Manders in Karamelle City? Anyways, Prospector Zeke returns with another quest for us, this time to find Lemon-Heads hiding all around the sugar sweet world of Karamelle. The quest name is Bittersweet Lemon-Heads and there are 11 of them hidden across the world. The reward for finding all of them for Zeke is 1 training point and the Karamelle Explorer badge.

Karamelle City

Starting with the Lemon-Head in Karamelle City, it’s next to the left bench near the Rock Candy Mountain entrance.

Von Trap Estate

If you travel beyond Von Trap’s house by the snowy mountains, this Lemon-Head will be found chilling on the left of the zone.

Rock Candy Mountains

Oh goats. This little Lemon-Head can be found next to some sparkling purple crystals next to the Gummy Worms left of the Mining Camp.

Gumdrop Forest

Goody goody gumdrops! You’ll find this one by the soda lake, travel up a ramp up to a tree for this Lemon-Head.


What a sweet town to visit and explore, this Lemon-Head will be found chilling under the purple gumdrop tree near the gummy plant.


In the underground mining town of Nibbleheim, this Lemon-Head can be found in along the wall.

Nibbleheim Mines

To the right of the entrance to the mines you can find this Lemon-Head sitting next to some crates, barrels, and a wheelbarrow of chocolate.


After taking a short minecart ride down to Gutenstadt, you can find this Lemon-Head to the right of the minecart and behind some vats of Treacle.

Black Licorice Forest

Stop by Sugar Plum Sherry’s gummy shop to get your Lemon-Head which is hiding behind the counter, and might as well pick up a gummy for the road while you’re here.

Candy Corn Farm

Here you’ll find all the candy corn you can imagine, this Lemon-Head hidden behind a rock near the silos.


And last but not least, finishing off the search for the Lemon-Heads is Gobblerton. Once you swim onto the island, this Lemon-Head can be found behind the house farthest right before the castle.

That’s all for the locations for the Lemon-Heads across Karamelle, happy hunting throughout the Spiral!

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