DuelCircle x Wizard101’s Decaversary – Stream Marathon

DuelCircle x Wizard101’s Decaversary – Stream Marathon

This September, Wizard101 turns 10 years old! According to ten year old developmental milestones, Wizard101 will be capable of completing algebraic equations, drawing semi-realistic manders, and getting to warlord.

We couldn’t be much prouder of KingsIsle reaching this historic milestone in the MMO world. We’ll be celebrating Wizard101’s Decaversary by having a stream marathon over on Twitch by members of the DuelCircle Content and Stream Team. For TEN days beginning on Friday, September 21st through Sunday, September 30th, we’ll be streaming the game that brought all of us together in a marathon style.

Each stream will be equipped with special giveaways and unique content to cater to the community! Check out the schedule and stream marathon lineup down below! For specific stream details, follow each streamer on the Twitter accounts listed below.

Opening Stream – Friday, September 21st: 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific – Ryan/Thetechboy (@BinaryConjurer) | Twitch.tv/Thetechboy

Saturday, September 22nd: 4pm Eastern/1pm PacificAlexander Lionheart (@AlexA_Lionheart) | Twitch.tv/Alexander_Lionheart

Sunday, September 23rd: 3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific – Nick (@dirtysixnick) | Twitch.tv/ThirtySixNick

Monday, September 24th: 2pm & 6:30pm Eastern/11am & 3:30pm Pacific – Tara Dawnbreaker (@TaraDawnbreaker) | Twitch.tv/TaraDawnbreaker

Schedule Change – Tuesday, September 25th: 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific – MysticShadows (@xMysticShadowsx) will be taking over for Alyssa (@AlyssaLove217)Twitch.tv/xxmysticshadowsxx

Wednesday, September 26th: 7:30pm Eastern/4:30pm PacificTheArtOfWarlord (@TheArtOfWarlord) | Twitch.tv/TheArtOfWarlord

Thursday, September 27th: 2pm Eastern/11am PacificMysticShadows (@xMysticShadowsx) | Twitch.tv/xxmysticshadowsxx

Friday, September 28th: 5pm Eastern/2pm PacificShannon Wildweaver (@SaffsWife) | Twitch.tv/Itsshannoon

Schedule Change – Saturday, September 29th: 11am Eastern/8am Pacific (was 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific) – Michael Firehammer (@MikeFirehammer) | Twitch.tv/MichaelFirehammer

Closing Stream – Sunday, September 30th: 10am Eastern/7am Pacific – Bass (@SlothPlaysNecro) | Twitch.tv/SlothPlaysNecro

Site Contests

What’s the password? [Ended]


UPDATE: On Day 2, “shwyacky” successfully guessed the password! The password was “climaclysm” and this contest is officially over. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The manders that run DuelCircle behind the scenes have a secret password. Your job is to find out what that password is. On our “Guess the password” page, you will need to enter in the password. If you guess the password correctly, a code for 10,000 crowns will be revealed to you. Only the first person to redeem the code after guessing the password will win. We will be revealing hints to what the password might be on Twitter and at each Decaversary Livestream.

DuelCircle x Wizard101 Decaversary Site Giveaway