Guide to the Great Detective Bundle

ManderCat’s Guide to The Great Detective Bundle

One of the more recent bundles to join the Wizard101 bundle family was the Great Detective Bundle. It was officially announced on the Wizard101 Twitter on the October 19th and is sold online and in-store at Gamestop stores for $29.

The Great Detective Bundle comes with:

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride Housing Item
  • Gyrocycle Mount
  • Baskerville Hound Pet
  • Detective Attire
  • Sherlock’s Eyeglass
  • 5000 Crowns or 1 Month Member to Wizard101/Pirate101

Sherlock’s Eyeglass & Detective Attire

Sherlock’s Eyeglass is a unique design wand since it’s based off of a magnifying glass with an eye peeking through it. The may cast on this wand is Arcane Detection; It allows the caster to spy on their target for 3 rounds if the may cast successfully goes off. This wand can be redeemed up to tier 14 or level 130.

The Detective Attire is designed after the one seen ingame worn by Sherlock Bones in Marleybone. This outfit is nice looking and dye able in the dye shop so it could be used as a stitch if wanted. I really actually like how the attire from this bundle looks. The gear can go up to level 130 also.

Gyrocycle Mount

This mount was interesting when I first saw it, but it’s also cool because its a unique mount compared to the other mounts available in-game. Your wizard sits inside of a tire with headlights and a seat that moves back and fourth as you ride around. It does a little spin for it’s idle animation. This mount travels at a +50% speed boost instead of the normal 40% mount speed.

Baskerville Hound Pet

Like all dogs pets are in Wizard101, this one is definitely a good boy. I would rate 11/10. Would pet and give treats to any day. It has a supernatural appearance.

The pet provides two stun block item cards. The first generation pedigree is 71 and the base stats are 235 strength, 197 intellect, 235 agility, 200 will, and 210 power.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Housing Item

The hot air balloon is an interactive housing item you can place in any house of your choosing. When used it can hold with up to 3 wizards in the basket and gives a nice view of the sky, hovers a few seconds, and the goes back down to the ground.

I found in the Aero Village castle it gave a really nice view of the sky and the home when used. Ideally in any house it would work. The blue of the balloon just looked pretty with the sky in my opinion.

Thanks for reading my guide to the Great Detective Bundle and I hope you liked it. Until next bundle I will be napping in the basket of the hot air balloon. It surprisingly is comfortable in here.