A Guide to the Heavenly Palace Bundle

A Guide to the Heavenly Palace Bundle

Check out the Heavenly Palace Bundle here and buy it from Gamestop online here!

Added to the game in May 2019, take to the skies with the Heavenly Palace Bundle. This charming bundle features a new castle for your wizard with an amazing view inside and out. You also get a new set of gear to wear in your adventures in the spiral, along a pet and mount to accompany you as you travel. I’m excited to explore everything so lets get started shall we?

The Heavenly Palace Includes:

  • Heavenly Palace
  • Majestic Crane Mount
  • Tanuki Pet
  • Sky Sorcerer Outfit
  • Sky Sorcerer Staff
  • 1 Additional Castle Elixir
  • 1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

Heavenly Palace

Upon entering the spiral door of the Heavenly Palace, right away you’re welcomed by the view of the green grass and beautiful buildings. In the distance you can see the main attraction in the center, a palace across a bridge. There’s a river that warps around the castle perfect for a day of relaxing and fishing when you need a break from exploring and saving the spiral.

A bridge of clouds parts for you as you cross it to access the duel circle and Sky Castle Shrine. A great place to pvp with your friends, or have a small pvp party. Don’t forget to use the shrine once day for a gift!

I could sit here daydreaming all day. Inside the castle, there’s a lovely garden with bridges above and a secret entrance to the lower area of the palace. I wonder where it is? There are staircases to the above levels of the castle allowing you to look down from the bridge.

Majestic Crane Mount

Meet your new friend the Majestic Crane. He’s ready to carry you into battle with a 40% mount speed and where your travels bring you.

Tanuki Pet

The Tanuki pet is an adorable Japanese raccoon that will follow you where ever you go. He comes with a Hamadryad item card, 800 health and removes a dot tick from all friends.

Sky Sorcerer Outfit and Staff

Feel right at home in your new palace with the Sky Sorcerer Kasa, Hakama, and Sandals. This dyable armor set can be dyed to fit any style and occasion, or used in a stitch. The Sky Sorcerer Staff is a wooden staff with a cyan glowing effect with a hanging bell, and a cool swirl particle affect. The armor and wand when worn all together with the pet and mount create a set bonus.

This bundle overall was really pretty and and I enjoyed exploring the house and finding all the rooms and trying to find the way to access the lower area. I can definitely see myself spending countless hours trying to figure out how to decorate this castle and all its rooms and the gardens I could make. The gear is perfect for stitching and the pet and mount are cute. I personally loved the design on the robe and boots from this bundle and used them as a stitch on my storm after dying them purple.

What did you like about the bundle the most? If you’re interested in getting this bundle you can get it from Gamestop using the link above in the top of the article.

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