DuelCircle Competitive – Fall 2022

Season 2 – DuelCircle Fall Split

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Fall Postseason Bracket

Blaine Spellwraith chose Keelan Thorn (4) Seed) for his A1 Upper Bracket Best-of-Three series, thus finalizing the bracket.

Fall Championship Weekend Schedule:

Saturday, November 26th

Round 1 Upper Bracket:

Match A1 – 2:30pm ET | Blaine Spellwraith vs Keelan Thorn | Blaine Spellwraith wins 2-0

Match A2 – (Approx.) 4pm ET | Stephen Fire vs Christopher | Christopher wins 2-1

Round 1 Lower Bracket:

Match X1 – (Approx.) 5:30pm ET [Completed offstream] | Blaze vs Keelan Thorn | Keelan Thorn wins 2-0

Match X2 – (Approx.) 7pm ET [Completed offstream] | Valerian vs Stephen Fire | Stephen Fire wins 2-0

Sunday, November 27th Rounds 2-3

Match B1 – 2:30pm ET [Completed offstream/early] | Blaine Spellwraith vs Christopher | Christopher wins 2-0

Match Y1 – (Approx.) 4pm ET | Keelan Thorn vs Stephen Fire

Match Z1 Semifinals – (Approx.) 5:30pm ET [Postponed/Will complete offstream] | Blaine Spellwraith vs Winner of Y1 Series

Match C1 Finals – (Approx.) 7pm ET [Postponed/Will complete offstream] | Christopher vs Winner of Z1 3rd Place Semifinals Series

Fall Championship Weekend On-Air Team

Fall Championship Weekend features a massive lineup of KingsIsle creators with various backgrounds in the W101 Ranked Scene and overall community. Round 1 of the Fall Postseason will be hosted by newcomer CheerValX on Saturday. Lead broadcaster Ryan/Thetechboy will cover Rounds 2-3 of the Fall Postseason on Sunday.

Rotating on the call throughout Fall Championship Weekend will be Ultimate Speedster, Colinsnotkey, Alex Crow, Khalil Red, TheFrenzyGamer, Richard Unicorncaller and TaylorXFlame. The casting crew will provide your play-by-play and in-depth analysis guiding you as a viewer throughout the rest of the tournament.

Broadcasts begin at 2:45pm ET each gameday. Tune in daily for a chance to win special prize codes for KingsIsle games! DuelCircle Competitive Fall Championship Weekend is presented by KingsIsle and Gamigo!

Saturday: Twitch.tv/CheerValX | Sunday: Twitch.tv/Thetechboy

Fall Postseason Prizing

This season, members of the league automatically receive the following participation prizing, in the event that they do not reach the Fall Postseason:

  • 7,500 Crowns
  • Mega Snack Pack

Prize codes will be sent to the email address on file during the week of Monday, November 28th (Player of the Week Crown Awards will be sent weekly during the Regular Season).

As a reminder, If any redemption issues occur, send an email to community@wizard101.com with the problematic code and your KingsIsle account username ONLY. KingsIsle does not require you to provide your password to them. Codes are for the Gamigo North American version of Wizard101.

For a text based list of the Fall Postseason Prizes, click here for the rulebook version.

Note: On Saturday, November 12th all participants received a bonus random prize code due to internal game start time delays. Codes were sent via DM on Discord as well as email.

DuelCircle Competitive – Season 2 League Format

New for 2022, 10 randomly selected players from a prospective entry pool will compete in both the Spring and Fall Splits. Both the Spring and Fall Splits will feature their own single round-robin with regular season standings resetting at the start of the Fall Split. At the end of the Spring Regular Season, Spring Playoffs and Finals will transform into the Mid-Season Showdown. The MSS winner will earn the year’s first championship title and earn some cool prizes at this new checkpoint.

The Fall Split will provide these 10 players one more opportunity to rise to the top and compete for a title and even more prizes. Dominated Spring? Use that fuel to grind through Fall. Need to rebound from a bad beat? Here’s your chance at a redemption arc.

This allows us to harbor the best competitive talent year-round, while also building individual storylines as we progress through Season 2 of DuelCircle Competitive. Please visit our post regarding changes to Season 2 of DuelCircle Competitive for more information.

Fall Split Regular Season

10 Players will face each-other once in a 5 week single round robin format from Saturday, October 29th through Friday, November 25th. Players play 1 match daily, 2 matches weekly on Saturday and Sunday. During Week 5 we will play the final regular season gameday on Friday, November 25th and the Fall postseason will take place over that weekend. Games begin at 3pm Eastern with a 30 minute time limit.

Fall Split Championship Weekend

The top 6 players will move onto the Fall Postseason based on final Fall regular season standings. The top 4 players will compete in a double elimination format (Upper Bracket) while the 5th/6th seed compete in a single elimination format (Lower Bracket).

Playoff Matches are played in a Best-of-Three series. In between games, players have 15 minutes to reset and prepare for the following game. Similar to the Regular Season, games will also have a 30 minute time limit.

The 1st place seed will be able to choose between the 3rd/4th place seed as their Round 1 opponent in match A1. For more information, reference Section 5 of the DuelCircle Competitive Rulebook.

The Fall Postseason takes place during the Fall Split Championship Weekend on Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th with 3pm Eastern start times each day.

Official DuelCircle Competitive Rulebook

The Season 2 comprehensive rulebook has information regarding gameplay rules, league structure, eligibility, tiebreaker scenarios, match processes, playoff format, player conduct, and other ancillary items. The Season 2 Official Rulebook may be referenced at any time, here.

Throughout 2022, we’ll be carefully adjusting these rules over time based on gameplay trends within the tournament and within the Ranked 1v1 ecosystem. We want our players to progress throughout the year without the worry of updates impacting the flow of the season.

Fall Split Regular Season Player of the Week Awards

Returning for Season 2 of DuelCircle Competitive, is the Player of the Week Award for each week of Regular Season play. Players can earn 2,500 Crowns for standout performances during their 2 game stretch. Whether a player dominated or heavily improved and stepped up their game (literally), they’ll be in contention to receive the week’s top honors. Player of the Week discussions happen internally, on the tournament broadcasts, and on the Beyond The Spiral podcast.

As a special added inventive, the Player of the Week Award winner for Week 4 (November 19th-20th) + Friday November 25th will receive 5,000 Crowns in place of the standard 2,500 Crown prize!

Player of the Week awards will be announced at the beginning of each Saturday afternoon broadcast at 2:45pm Eastern during the Spring Split Regular Season. Player of the Week Prize codes will be sent to the email address on file after each Saturday’s games. Check back each week for winner announcements!

Note: Player of the Week Awards are currently delayed due to numerous postponed games, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope to announce winners soon.

Fall Regular Season Schedule

The 2022 Spring Split Regular Season features 45 games over the span of 5 weeks (October 29th – November 25th). Participants compete in 2 games each week with games lasting 30 minutes or less.

To see the schedule for each week, click the arrows on the slideshow or select a radio button. For the Fall Postseason schedule, visit the League Format section below.

Final Fall Regular Season Standings

# – Clinched 1st place seed, ^ – Clinched top 4 seed, * – Clinched playoffs, E – Eliminated from playoff contention, NT – No Tiebreaker game to be played, T – Tiebreaker game played

Reference the Player Info Sheet, here.

Note: Friday’s Disqualifications and Competitive Ruilings will be updated ASAP, apologies for the inconvenience.

Weeks 1-4 Disqualifications:

  • Week 1 Saturday’s Game 1 between Blaine Spellwraith and Scarlet Hex was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Scarlet Hex was awarded the loss.
  • Week 1 Saturday’s Game 3 between Valerian and Kane Shadowwraith featured a disqualification loss due to Kane Shadowwraith using a banned Shadow spell (Rule 6.3.3).
  • Week 1 Sunday’s Game 3 between Kane Shadowwraith and Blaine Spellwraith was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) Kane Shadowwraith was awarded the loss.
  • Week 1 Sunday’s Game 5 between Christopher and Valerian featured a disqualification loss due to Valerian using a banned Shadow spell (Rule 6.3.3).
  • Week 2 Saturday’s Game 1 between Christopher and Kane Shadowwraith was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Kane Shadowwraith was awarded the loss.
  • Week 3 Sunday’s Game 2 between Scarlet Hex and Stephen Fire was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Scarlet Hex was awarded the loss.
  • Week 3 Sunday’s Game 4 between Kane Shadowwraith and Blaze was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Kane Shadowwraith was awarded the loss.
  • Week 4 Sunday’s Game 1 between Valerian and Daniel was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Daniel was awarded the loss.
  • Week 4 Sunday’s Game 2 between Scarlet Hex and Blaze was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Scarlet Hex was awarded the loss.
  • Week 4 Sunday’s Game 3 Stephen Fire and Kane Shadowwraith was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Kane Shadowwraith was awarded the loss.
  • Week 4 Sunday’s Game 4 Blaine Spellwraith and Keelan Thorn was decided by our no-show disqualification rule (Rule 6.5.2) and Keelan Thorn was awarded the loss.

Week 4 Competitive Ruling:

  • Week 4 Saturday’s Game 4 between Stephen Fire and Blaze reached the maximum allotted time. In accordance with Rule 6.2, Rule 6.6.3, and Rule 8.1, the individual game VOD was reviewed internally by the DuelCircle Leadership Team and non-biased external third party community members to hold a vote and determine a game winner.
    • At 29:48, Stephen Fire’s cast of Furnace was completed within the allotted time period and respective planning phase. To allow for the timer announcement, players are allowed one final round of spell casts (one per player). The final spell allowed to be cast was Stephen Fire’s Helephant. All spells used after 31:19 therefore are not counted towards this decision.
      • Final health: Stephen Fire 3,244/9,041 vs Blaze 6,694/11,600
    • For a majority of the game, Blaze was never below 11,000 health until Stephen’s Helephant, while Stephen throughout the game gradually lost health. Blaze was significantly more offensive while Stephen played passive until the very end. For this reason, Blaze has been given the win against Stephen Fire.
  • To watch the unprocessed raw VOD, click here. The edited VOD will be available Tuesday at 6pm ET alongside all Week 4 VODs on the DuelCircle Competitive YouTube channel.

Competitive Ruling: 2022 Fall Split Postponed Games

10 of the 12 outstanding Weeks 1-4 postponed games directly involving Scarlet Hex, Kane Shadowwraith, and Daniel have been decided by our no-show disqualification rule (6.5.2).

  • Stephen Fire wins against Daniel
  • Keelan Thorn wins against Scarlet Hex
  • Daniel wins against Scarlet Hex
  • Mycin Hexmancer wins against Kane Shadowwraith
  • Keelan Thorn wins against Kane Shadowwraith
  • Mycin Hexmancer wins against Scarlet Hex
  • Blaine Spellwraith wins against Daniel
  • Christopher wins against Daniel
  • Kane Shadowwraith wins against Scarlet Hex
  • Keelan Thorn wins against Daniel

Beyond The Spiral Podcast

The Beyond The Spiral Podcast, Presented by KingsIsle Entertainment and Gamigo Group, is back for the 2022 DuelCircle Competitive Season! Weekly Recap episodes are released at 6pm Eastern each Wednesday throughout the Spring and Fall Splits.

Beyond The Spiral is available wherever you get your podcasts but unfortunately will not be available in video version on YouTube this split. Just search for “Beyond The Spiral” or visit our page on Anchor!

Note: Due to internal scheduling issues, weekly podcasts are postponed for the interim. We apologies for the inconvenience and hope to bring you the show soon.

DuelCircle Competitive News and Updates

This season, DuelCircle Media has continued our partnership with the San Antonio’s Metropolitan Health District to spread awareness about COVID-19 through messaging on our tournament broadcasts, website, social media, and podcast properties.

Everyone has a part to play, and we need you to help slow the spread. Wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and receive a COVID-19 vaccine and/or new bivalent booster. Do it for you. Do it for your loved ones. Do it for your community. For support and resources related to COVID-19, visit COVID.gov.