Scepters of Tribute in a House

International Scepter of Tribute Day [Contest]

International Scepter of Tribute Day [Contest] – Closed

Scepters of Tribute in a House

Everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up: International Scepter of Tribute Day! No need to go out and buy an expensive greeting card; all you need is 45 crowns and a friend to celebrate with!

This contest is now closed, congratulations to the winners below and thanks for entering!

Random Winners (5,000 Crowns): Alex P., Brittany, Blaze Firecaster, BlazeLeo, & Lila O.

How to Enter:

  1. Gift someone a Scepter of Tribute.
  2. Login to your Wizard101 account in a web browser and navigate to your purchase history.
  3. Take a screenshot of your purchase history that includes the 45 crown transaction from gifting a Scepter of Tribute. You must censor your account name. Entries that fail to do this will not be eligible for prizes. If you forget, you’re more than welcome to resubmit.
  4. Email that screenshot to with the subject “International Scepter of Tribute Day Contest Entry”.

Five lucky Scepter enthusiasts will receive 5,000 crowns! The contests ends on August 10th at 11:59pm EST.


Do I really have to waste 45 crowns in order to enter this contest?

No, of course not! Spending your crowns on Scepters of Tribute is never a waste. It’s a surefire way to spread joy throughout the Spiral, and you can be sure that anyone who receives a Scepter of Tribute will instantly get a smile on their face!

Serious answer: yes. There’s no other way to enter.

I don’t have any crowns. How do I enter this contest?

The quickest way to farm up 45 crowns is to either watch ads for crowns in-game or play trivia on Remember: anyone promising free crowns that’s not Kingsisle or an official fansite may be a scam. Be careful out there!

Can I gift a Resplendent Rod instead?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. It must be a Scepter of Tribute.

Can I gift multiple Scepters of Tribute for more entries?

Nope, but we appreciate your enthusiasm!

I have no friends in-game. What do I do?

You can gift one of us a Scepter of Tribute! Send us an email and we’ll get a date arranged. True friend codes would make it significantly easier, but we can be flexible.

Why do I have to censor my account name? How do I do this?

Your account name is part of your login information. It’s very important to protect it to keep your Wizard101 account safe! Sending it to anyone other than Kingsisle’s support team compromises your account security.

The easiest way to block out your account name is to edit it with an image manipulation program such as GIMP or Microsoft Paint.

I’m completely unable to earn free crowns due to reasons beyond my control. What do I do?

Send us an email with proof and we’ll get you entered.