A Thanksgiving Letter from a Mandercat

To Whoever Finds this Letter,

As I write this letter the manders are resting for a little before they continue on their journey. We are almost there I think and I can only imagine the shade once we arrive. I’ve had to dump so much sand out of my shoes I’m wearing. I’m running low on water and hope to reach a place to refill my container soon.

This trip has been rather interesting to say the least. First, I’ve never seen so many manders travel together to one place. I can’t understand what the other manders are saying but I play along. They think I’m the quiet one. I caught a few manders were watching me earlier, and they may be onto me while I hide in this mander hoodie. I really hope it isn’t my cat ears poking out too much or the tail showing. None of them have said anything though, or at least I think.

I hope this entire trip to where the manders are going is worth it. A small group of them got excited earlier at the mention of food I think? If there’s food where we’re headed, this will have been worth the time. What do manders eat for Thanksgiving? Will they have turkey and mashed potatoes? I’m getting hungry just thinking of the warm food on the table. I could use with some bread; I wish I brought some from last area we stopped at. I wonder if I can ask any of the other manders for some bread.

I can see the manders start gathering up again to continue on. It shouldn’t be too much longer. As much as I wanna write more I have to cut this letter short. Happy Thanksgiving to who reads this letter. Enjoy the turkey and mashed potatoes on the table while spending time with your friends and family. I’m just spending my Thanksgiving with the manders.

A ManderCat