Fansite Fest 2021 – Wizard101 Pictionary [Closed]

Wizard101 Pictionary with Wolf Fairyforge

Usually every year, DuelCircle does something along the lines of PvP for the annual Fansite Festival. Whether it be a all-stars type of tournament with notable community members, introduction of a new fun PvP program that generates gear builds, or simply a mini-tournament for the general public. This time around, we wanted to cater to the entire community and do something completely silly and different.

We were basically handed a bunch of codes and told “Do something fun and cool”, by Sheldon who organizes the Fansite Festival efforts. So, we did that. We came up with something “fun and cool” within 24 hours of the Festival with a grassroots campaign full of artistic wonders to bring you Wizard101 Pictionary. A game show where you could win fabulous prizes.

Each round will last approximately 7 minutes and there will be 8 rounds. After each round, the drawings will become more difficult as the prizes for each round progressively get larger.

Talented community artist Wolf Fairyforge will draw obscure and random things from Wizard101 and your goal is to be the first person to guess what was drawn. Guess correctly and you’ll be rewarded with a fabulous prize. Guess incorrectly and you will receive NOTHING. Not even a Scepter of Tribute.

What can you win? We were graciously given the following prizes from Sheldon and Manderson, special thanks to both.

  • Primeval Hoard Pack | Winners: TAnthonyGaming1 and ratat0skrs
  • A Permanent Mander Palanquin Mount | Winner: KyleB1122
  • A Permanent Butterfly Swarm Mount | Winner: Carpetuse
  • 2,500 Crowns | Winner: mrkrazy408
  • 5,000 Crowns | Winner: dotcrt
  • A $39 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle | Winner: lounebulisix
  • A $39 Aero Plains Bundle | Winner: twitch_script_bot

Bonus Round Prizes:

A VOD of the broadcast is available on Wolf Fairyforge’s Twitch channel here. The VOD will also be uploaded to the DuelCircle YouTube channel in the days to come.

As a reminder, If any redemption issues occur, send an email to with the problematic code and your KingsIsle account username ONLY. KingsIsle does not require you to provide your password to them. Codes are for the Gamigo North American version of Wizard101.