Beyond the Spiral – Episode 2: Flat. Stats.

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Host(s): Thetechboy & FiestyOrange

In this episode of Beyond the Spiral, Thetechboy brings on FiestyOrange to discuss the current stat system within Wizard101 and ways to improve it with a system broadly used in other MMOs, Flat Stats.

Overview of the stat system:

  • Percentiles:
    • Damage:
      • Multiplier for damage, no hard cap.
    • Resistance:
      • Takes away percentage of incoming damage, no hard cap.
    • Accuracy:
      • Decreases chance of fizzle/miss spells, over 100% counteracts debuffs.
    • Armor Piercing:
      • Takes away percentage of pierce from player, starts from aura -> tower shield -> stats. “Counter” to resistance.
    • Stun Resistance:
      • Chance to resist stuns.
    • Healing in/out:
      • Multiplier for healing, no hard cap.
    • Power Pips:
      • Increases chance to get power pips, over 100% doesn’t give any benefit.
    • Shadow Pip Bonus:
      • Increases chance to get shadow pip, the effect of maxing out is unknown.
    • Fishing Luck:
      • Increases chances to get fish.
  • Flat Stats:
    • Critical/Block Rating:
      • Solid number, translates into a percentage based on a predetermined ranged. This range changes as you level.
    • Pip Conversion:
      • Refer to Critical/Block Rating.