Beyond The Spiral Episode 4: DuelCircle’s 5th Anniversary Clash

Host(s): Thetechboy [Twitter] & Pebble [Twitter]

Join us as we go through the new PvP meta and talk about what’s new in DuelCircle’s 2019 Clash!

Clash ‘19:

  • Spell Nerfs – The good and bad.
  • Daybreaker/Nightbringer + Upgradeable Spellement Spells
  • Sinbad Wand (No PvP Tag on Maycast)
  • Dragoon Gear.
  • Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Tournaments.
  • Gamemodes this year are a mix of ones from every DuelCircle Tournament since 2015.
  • Scion is formally banned.
  • The introduction of the new predetermined penalties for rule infractions.
  • Participants can now challenge a match results if they feel that the referee was incorrect or misapplied a rule, resulting in a decision.
  • ManderBot
  • Streams: Thetechboy and Shadowhorn