A Guide to the Undersea Enchantment Bundle

A Guide to the Undersea Enchantment Bundle

Check out the Undersea Enchantment Bundle here and buy it from Gamestop online here!

The Undersea Enchant Bundle is the newest bundle to join the family of Wizard101 bundles. Released this past fall, the bundle is very ocean themed. It features a new castle, 2 player mount, pet, a set of armor and a wand. Let’s dive in head first to see what this bundle offers, shall we?

The Undersea Enchantment Includes:

  • Briny Deep Retreat
  • Dolphin Chariot Mount
  • Sea Courser Pet
  • Briny Deep Gear
  • Armaments of the Briny Deep Weapon
  • 1 Additional Castle Elixir
  • 1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

Briny Deep Retreat

Escape to the Briny Deep Retreat with this new underwater castle! Arriving in your new castle you’re welcomed by the Pearl Clam which you can use once a day for daily rewards. To your right is a teleporter which takes you to the castle entrance. On the path way to the castle door is your battle circle, you can have some fun dueling with friends here. There is plenty of room to explore and decorate with this castle. The door is a beautiful sea shell that leads you to the interior.

The interior is made up of rooms branching off from the main center room using tunnels and water elevators that bring you to rooms that allow you to view the ocean life around you. In the center room there is a pool of water with fish perfect for fishing. I could spend all day inside staring at the fish.

Dolphin Chariot

Explore the Spiral with the new Dolphin Chariot mount! This is a two player mount meaning you can have a friend ride along with you wherever you travel. So many adventures are waiting to be had with your new dolphin friends!

Sea Courser

To join you on your new adventures is the Sea Courser pet. This new friend will follow you into battle wherever you go and assist you. The pet comes with a fire dragon item card at baby.

Briny Deep Attire

This new armor set goes up to level 130 and it can be dyed to fit your wizard’s colors. The set is made up of the Helm of the Briny Deep, Hauberk of of the Briny Deep and Greaves of the Briny Deep.

Armaments of the Briny Deep

To match with the Briny Deep Attire, the bundle comes with the Armaments of the Briny Deep. This trident and shield weapon looks pretty amazing. At 130 this wand comes with 6 wand hits that have a chance to maycast Tempest with a max damage of 500 to each enemy.

What’s your favorite item from the Undersea Enchantment Bundle? I think mine would have to be between the Briny Deep Retreat or the Dolphin Chariot. If you are interested in getting this bundle you can get it from GameStop in-store or online. Until next bundle. Now I’m gonna go warp myself in a warm towel as I nap in front of a fireplace after a nice swim around the Retreat chasing the fish and avoiding the shark.

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