Official Rulebook

The official rules of DuelCircle Competitive Play apply to all persons participating in the league. These rules are applicable only to official league play and not to other competitions, tournaments, or organized play of Wizard101 either through DuelCircle Media, or miscellaneous external entities.

This comprehensive rulebook has information regarding gameplay rules, league structure, eligibility, tiebreaker scenarios, match processes, playoff format, player conduct, and other ancillary items. These official rules are solely designed to ensure competitive integrity and to provide a competitive balance among participants.

Throughout 2023 and beyond, we’ll be carefully adjusting these rules over time based on gameplay trends within the tournament, and within the Ranked 1v1 ecosystem. While we can’t stop KingsIsle from implementing updates that impact the tournament, we trust that they’ll make changes that benefit the entire PvP community and we’ll inform players of any impacts as they occur.

All changes are discussed internally with DuelCircle Media leadership, PvP experts among the community, as well as our 10 participants competing in the league.

Last adjustment: Wednesday, October 11th | Next scheduled adjustment: Wednesday, November 15th – 6pm EST.

  • The 2023 Fall Split Rulebook can be found, here.
    • Reference Section 4 (Pages 3-8) for all tie-breaker scenarios
    • Reference Section 5 (Pages 8-10) for the Postseason format
    • Reference Section 6.3 (Page 13) for General Competitive Rules
    • Reference Section 5.2 (Pages 10-11) for the text based list of tournament prizing
  • The Player Info Sheet (formerly known as the “Full Wizard Masterlist”) can be found, here.
  • The DuelCircle Community Code of Conduct can be found, here.
  • The DuelCircle Competitive 2023 Fall Split Megapost can be found, here.

Archived Rulebook Copies:

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