The official rules of the DuelCircle Competitive Play apply to all persons participating in the league. These rules are applicable only to official League play and not to other competitions, tournaments, or organized play of Wizard101 either through DuelCircle Media, or external entities such as KingsIsle, Gamigo, or Gameforge.

This comprehensive rulebook has information regarding gameplay rules, league structure, eligibility, tiebreaker scenarios, match processes, playoff format, player conduct, and other ancillary items. These official rules are solely designed to ensure competitive integrity and to provide a competitive balance among participants.

Throughout 2022, we’ll be carefully adjusting these rules over time based on gameplay trends within the tournament and within the Ranked 1v1 ecosystem. We want our players to progress throughout the year without the worry of updates impacting the flow of the season, which was one of the key factors in moving to a full season format instead of 2 separate standalone splits.

Important Documents

  • The Season 2 Official Rulebook can be found, here. | Note: The Updated Season 2 Rulebook will be available shortly, we’re in the process of fixing a server stability issue (4/16/2022). Please reference the Season 1 Fall Rulebook for a general basis while we make adjustments. (Reference the Megapost linked below for Mid-Season Showdown prizing.)
    • Current Gameplay Rules are available here in the meantime.
  • The Player Info Sheet (formerly known as the “Full Wizard Masterlist”) can be found, here.
  • The DuelCircle Community Code of Conduct can be found, here.
  • The Season 2 DuelCircle Competitive Megapost can be found, here.
  • For archival reference, the 2021 Fall Official Rulebook can be found, here.