MSpaint Manders

MSpaint Manders!

It’s no secret that we love manders here at Duelcircle. We know that deep down, you really like manders too! You just haven’t realized it yet.

To help you along your path to mandery enlightenment, we’re running an art contest! Well, kind of…

How To Enter

  1. Use a basic drawing program such as Microsoft Paint to make the worst looking mander you can. We cannot stress enough that your mander has to look AWFUL. Entries must be safe for work in order to qualify.
  2. Send your monstrosity to with the subject line “MSpaint Manders”. Please include your wizard’s name so we can credit you if you win!



Yes, we’re actually giving out prizes for this.

  • 1 Grand Prize: Accursed Play Bundle
  • 2 First Prizes: 10,000 crowns, to be spent on 222 Scepters of Tribute
  • 5 Second Prizes: Seed Vault

The cutoff to get your entry in is February 27th at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced after a rigorous judging process where we decide which mander looks the worst.

If you have questions about the contest, please tweet us or send us a general email.