A Guide to the Nimbari Hoard Pack

A Guide to the Nimbari Hoard Pack

The morning of January 17th Kingsisle released their newest hoard pack to the crown shop, the Nimbari Hoard pack for 399 crowns. Let’s see what this new pack has, shall we?

The Nimbari Hoard pack is full of fierce items inspired by theĀ Nimbari Warriors in Empyrea Part Two, including theĀ Nimbari Warrior Gear, Nimbari Scimitar Weapons,Ā the two-riderĀ Nimbari Chariot Mount,Ā and the ferociously adorableĀ Hurricanine Pet!Ā This pack has new epic and ultra-rare items for your Wizard. Here are just some of the cool items you have aĀ chanceĀ to receive in the Nimbari Hoard Pack:

  • Nimbari Chariot Mount (2 Rider Mount)
  • Hurricanine Pet
  • 3 Nimbari Warrior Gear Sets
  • 3 Nimbari Scimitars
  • New Housing Items, including exclusive music scrolls from Empyrea Part 2
  • New and exclusive Whirly-Burly house guests
  • And much more!

The Gear

From the official post by Wizard101, you can see from their picture the gear looks like a Nimbari walking around Nimbus. This pack offers 3 sets of gear to wizards. The Nimbari Centurion gear has fire and ice stats,Ā Nimbari Justicar gear has myth and storm stats, while theĀ Nimbari Praetor set has death and life stats. Thank you Cody RavenTamer for letting me use the gear pictures.

The Mount

The mount from the pack is the 2 person Nimbari Chariot mount with lightning effects. The colors on this mount are pretty in my opinion and look nice together with the lightning. A fun fact about this pack, this pack is the first pack to ever have a rental 2 player mount. That is kinda amazing when you think about it.

The Pet

The Hurricanine pet is a super adorable dog wearing purple armor. This pet comes with a Galvanic Field item card. A must-have pet for pet collectors and I know for sure I’m gonna find one for myself and feed it a lotĀ of treats and teach it tricks. The pet has to be my favorite item from the pack because I love collecting cute pets. I think this pet will be a good companion for my storm wizard whose colors are purple and white. I would rate it an 11/10, a good boy definitely.

So those are my thoughts on the new pack. Until next pack guys, if anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in my box.