DuelCircle to promote Thetechboy as official owner

For Immediate Release

Longtime DuelCircle streamer and founding member Thetechboy to begin immediately as DuelCircle.com owner/Lead Organizer. Michael Firehammer to begin as Second in Command.

DuelCircle HQ, Friday June 15th, 2018 – DuelCircle, an unofficial KingsIsle fansite to be lead by Thetechboy beginning immediately.

“I feel that Ryan is someone who can take the initiative to maintaining stability in DuelCircle for the long term. As one of our founding members, I am pleased to see Ryan getting the credit he deserves and he will make a great leader.” DuelCircle Lead Referee Dustin (@Shadowfishy) said on Ryan’s promotion.

Ryan will help DuelCircle through numerous projects, our current tournament (1v1 Luau) and future tournaments, as well as continue providing content on all DuelCircle affiliated platforms. He brings a rich technical background to DuelCircle, having served as the Lead Technician for 2 years.

“I look forward to continue taking DuelCircle to newer heights in 2018 and beyond. We have a unique site and rich history in the community and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.” Ryan said. “Everything that you know and love DuelCircle for will continue to be a huge staple for us, the additional changes will supplement the site/branding even more. DuelCircle already does many great things but there are uncharted areas where DuelCircle could thrive in.”

Michael Firehammer voted as ‘Second in Command’ on the DuelCircle organizational team beginning immediately.

“Mike’s insight during the past 2 years has shown how capable of a leader he is with DuelCircle and it’s fitting to see him take command along with Ryan for the future.” DuelCircle Organizer Man0fBass (@SlothPlaysNecro) said on Mike’s promotion.

“Ever since the original 1v1 Luau, I’ve wanted to make sure that DuelCircle is able to thrive for the longterm. Being second in command is something that I didn’t really expect since every organizer works hard to keep our flagship tournaments afloat but I am ready for the challenge and I believe that DuelCircle will continue to grow in the future.” Mike said. “There are tons of things I’m already working on that are unique along with our flagship tournaments. The community is in for a treat. I’ve never been more excited for our future as a site.”

About DuelCircle

We’re a group of players who like to host tournaments in Wizard101. Kingsisle is a great company, but we think they aren’t doing enough to make a healthy PvP environment. We want to create a space where the best players in the game can truly shine and not get crit on by a salty 12-year old spamming Shadow-Enhanced spells in the current meta. We also have content revolving the PvP scene airing monthly on DuelCircle.com.

DuelCircle Owner and Lead Organizer Thetechboy along with DuelCircle’s VP Michael Firehammer are available for interview requests.