#MikeChat – #1v1Luau, Summer Test Realm, LoL?

#MikeChat – #1v1Luau, Summer TR, LoL?

Hey there, Mike here (@MikeFirehammer). Welcome to “#MikeChat“, a series where I’ll dive into certain DuelCircle topics that the community wants to know more about, discuss some WIP stuff revolving DuelCircle, and share the decision making process from an organizer POV.

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1v1 Luau Returns

After a hiatus in 2017, we felt that we were ready to revive 1v1 Luau for the future. After our mini-tournament during Fansite Fest 2017, we needed time to reevaluate our tournament structure and make the necessary changes to keep DuelCircle healthy. We took our time off to prepare for Christmas Clash last Winter and due to the success of that tournament, we felt that we were ready to steamroll through 2018. We feel extremely confident with our improvements both internally and externally during the past few months and our 2 flagship tournaments are here to stay!

DuelCircle’s Forum

This year we have had tons of plans to revitalize DuelCircle as a whole and we are proud to introduce our newest component to DuelCircle.com, our Forum! This forum allows us to interact with our fanbase more while giving anyone in the community a chance to express themselves. Although the forum is a bit dry currently, we plan on making it an active part of DuelCircle after 1v1 Luau.

We decided to accept tournament entries through the forum as a security measure so that we have the most “real” participants involved due to invalid/duplicate/robot entries from past tournaments on google forms. This also allows people to make a DuelCircle Forum account and join in on the fun that the Forum has to offer!

Competitive Ruling – Bad Juju (Summer TR)

With the newest Wizard101 update this summer, there wasn’t much regarding PvP in this update. The only significant change is Bad Juju taking away 25% health from the caster compared to 300 in PvE. This change in PvP is similar to backlash from shadows spells such as Shadow Shrike.

The tournament team met up to discuss this new change and we have decided (for now) to keep the limit on Bad Juju at 3 per reshuffle still. In the event that anything changes while in the Test Realm, we will meet again and reevaluate Bad Juju prior to the start of 1v1 Luau.

LoL Luau? Post Clash ’17 [LoL] Update

Last winter we had wanted to do something different. As a site we have always been open to branching out to other games to fit the community’s growing interests. We decided to host our first ever non Wizard101 tournament, Clash ’17 [LoL] as a bit of a test to see how it would go. Since it was our first time doing a tournament in a different game, we took a different approach. Clearly the on-air broadcast didn’t fit out needs but the tournament as a whole was enjoyed by the participants.

We’re opening to take the feedback given to us back in December to host another League of Legends tournament but for now, our focus is on Wizard101 since we have the experience with that more. Although we aren’t hosting a ‘LoL Luau’ tournament this year, we are open to potentially have a tournament either during Worlds or this winter to align with Clash ’18 again.

Give me your feedback in the comments below about this post or about things you’d like to see on #MikeChat. For more info about all things #1v1Luau check out our megathread here!

Mike (Mike Firehammer) is an organizer for DuelCircle events/community involvement. He joined DuelCircle in fall 2016 to work on the development of the Christmas Clash tournament before building a spinoff of the Clash tournament known as 1v1 Luau. Mike is a decent balance PvP aficionado, a not so good Derby player, and has a fetish for Manders. Questions about DuelCircle events or want to chat about Manders? Reach out to him on Twitter via @MikeFirehammer.