Gaming in short is amazing, it covers many different genres like adventure, puzzle, MMO, sandbox, and so on; the only problem is sorting through all of it can be tough, that’s where DuelCircle comes in.

We are a group of dedicated gamers, experienced in the broad sea of genres and have the drive to inspire others. To achieve such a bold claim our content will be including all aspects of games whether its PvP (Player Vs Player), PvE, lore, mechanics, balancing, or new invitations; whatever it is we have you guys covered!

Especially love PvP? You are in luck as we have you covered, many of our writers are well versed in the sport. The overall goal is to inform, discuss, debate, and compare PvP as a whole. Accomplishing this will coincide analyzing the depths of various PvP systems while seeing how far it is in terms of balancing and overall fun given to the end user.

PvP is considerably amazing as it truly allows players to connect to each other and help build the bounds of us fellow /r/PCMasterRace together, console players are still welcomed though, another main objective is to help organize this spirit. Performing this feat involves us hosting various PvP tournaments throughout the year to rallying up players into collaborating with each other alongside giving new found enjoyment of the sport. Historically we have worked on numerous projects such as, Christmas Clash ‘15, 1v1 Luau ’16, Christmas Clash ‘16, the Fansite Festival, and more. These events gathered players in the Wizard101 community together in order to form a fun experience in the current default style. As of writing this, Wizard101’s current default style of PvP lacks much adventure yet being fair so to solve this problem we made custom rules to extend the base mechanics to be more competitive. Much success came from hosting or helping them arise as players rejoice in the social gathering.

To simply put, DuelCircle is the be all and end all stop for a variety of gaming topics and high level analysis. Content will extend to Wizard101, League of Legends, and much more. We are truly excited to continue our website and group to all extents of gaming as the articles start to flow in the following weeks, including more details on our tournament goals and other big plans. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get all the article updates as soon as they come out.