A Guide to the Creepier Carnival Bundle

A Guide to the Creepier Carnival Bundle

ManderCat here again! I know it’s past Halloween but I was too busy getting stuck in the pumpkins in the commons again like every other year, so nothing new there. I thought I’d explore the Creepier Carnival Bundle now that I escaped the pumpkins who were holding me captive. Don’t ask how they trapped me.

The Creepier Carnival Bundle released last month in October and is available in stores and online at GameStop for $29. It comes with the usual 1 month of membership for either KI game or 5K crowns, the Scare-Us-Wheel, the Evil Carnival Wagon you can ride in with up to 3 friends, the Scare Bear pet, and the Sinister Harlequin armor with the Mallet of Midway.

Check out the Creeper Carnival Bundle here and buy it from Gamestop online here!

Sinister Harlequin Armor

The armor lives up to the creepiness of the bundle theme. It’s nice that it can be dyed in the dye shop though if you chose to use this as a stitch, I went with the typical black/purple color combo my death uses. The armor goes up to level 130 as expected and gives 2 weakening mantle, 2 dark ritual, and 2 vengeance item cards from the full set.

Mallet of Midway

The Mallet of the Midway stats are 3% pierce, 85 critical rating, 15% universal damage, 1 power pip at the start of a battle, 225 pip conversion rating and 2 square sockets. This weapon provides 6 Ultra Shadowstrike item cards with the maycast of shatter.


This has to be my favorite part of the bundle I admit. When I first heard it was a Ferris wheel fit for 6 players I started coming up with ideas for a spooky or creepy carnival cause I love castle decoration. The effects on the wheel are also amazing and the design perfectly matches the existing merry go round from the Spooky Carnival Bundle. From the tentacles in the pool of the wheel to the lights, and the fire breathing skull I’m in love. I guess I should look into making that carnival now that I have the main parts huh.

Evil Carnival Wagon

In the Spooky Carnival Bundle, we had the tiny clown car, which was amazing how we even fit inside of it and 4 wizards. This bundle comes with the Evil Carnival Wagon which looks pretty cool actually now that I get a good look at it. The wagon can fit 4 wizards, meaning you and 3 friends can ride in style. The bats do add a nice touch, ManderCat approved.

Scare Bear

The only thing this bundle was missing was a bear with glowing red eyes and yup Scare Bear is scary confirmed. He got me a few times while I was trying to get my boot out of a pumpkin. Too many scares later I did get my leg out. He does leave a trail of stuffing where ever he travels with me though. I keep thinking he’s gonna jump scare me when I’m wandering my castle in the middle of the night. Other than that he’s not that bad to have around.

Well, that’s it on the Creepier Carnival Bundle, I’m gonna go back to trying to have a cat nap and try to wake up without Scare Bear looking over me with his red eyes staring me down. Anyways until next time, that’s my thoughts on the bundle! Hope you liked it and maybe you’ll get your own Scare Bear companion to keep you company.

Check out the Creeper Carnival Bundle here and buy it from Gamestop online here!