Gold Management 101 Part 3 – Storing Gold

Gold Management 101

This is part 3 of the Gold Management 101 series! This part covers what to do with all the gold you’ve obtained, as well as some tips and tricks. Read on below! If you missed the other parts, you can find them here:


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Part 3: Storing Gold: Best Practices and Tips (This guide)

Storing Gold

Now that you have a way to make tons of gold, you may get to the point where you can’t spend it fast enough! If that’s the case, it’s time for you to start storing gold in the “bank”. While an actual bank to store gold is a widely requested feature and isn’t available in the game, we have methods that are pretty decent. No doubtedly, you have noticed some of those above in the Couch Potato section of the guide. Couch Potatoes have the added benefit of naturally converting half their output to stored gold which reduces loss. Learn more below.

A Note on Prices

The prices vary depending on the quantity in the Bazaar. Most people think of Empowers as “800” gold because when the Bazaar has 75-100 Empowers, which it often does, it sells for 800 gold. Depending on the quantities in the bazaar, the buy and sell prices may vary.

Every item on this list has an expected minimum storage value of 25%. This means that if buy and sell at the same quantity, you will get 25% of your gold back. In essence, you were able to store 25% of the gold (and the rest is lost). While this loss is unfortunate, it’s the best and only way you can attempt to recoup some of that excess gold.

One way to reduce this loss is to buy when the stock is high, and sell when the stock is low. Doing this gives you up to 62.5% of your gold back! This will require some patience, and for some of these items, it may be impossible to realistically achieve. On the flip side, if you buy when stock is low and sell when stock is high, you can retain as little as 13.33% of your gold. So store wisely!

Gold “Savings Accounts”

There are several items in the game in which you can store your gold. For each item below, I will share 5 pieces of information:

  1. SELL: The sell price range in the Bazaar
  2. BUY: The purchase price range in the Bazaar
  3. Description of item.


SELL: 800-2,000 gold
BUY: 3,200-6,000 gold

The most popular way to store gold is through Empowers. Empowers are one of the most expensive treasure cards in the Bazaar and are regularly bought and sold creating many opportunities to buy mass quantities to spend your max gold while also having opportunities to sell at a high price. You may have to wait for the Bazaar to stock up or sell out, depending on whether you’re buying or selling. But usually you don’t have to wait very long, and you are rewarded for your patience. In addition, Empowers are naturally earned through Couch Potatoes, providing risk-free gold storage.

Frozen Armor

SELL: 700-1,750 gold
BUY: 2,800-5,250 gold

This treasure card is a great alternative to Empowers. They have the same storage value, but are often more plentiful in the Bazaar. On the flip side, though, there are 3 variations of this card from various packs, giving you more opportunities to buy in. Frozen Armor isn’t as widely accepted as a tradable card, though. Various bosses and mobs in later worlds drop Frozen Armor, but you shouldn’t make an effort to farm for it.

Rank 10 Spells

SELL: 600-1,500 gold
BUY: 2,400-4,500 gold

Even less commonly used, the rank 10 spells (Sun Serpent, Storm Owl, etc) store quite a decent amount of gold per card and boasts the same value as Empowers. They are not widely recognized as a card meant for trading gold, though, and should be largely used for personal gold storage rather than trading.

Wintertusk Amulets

SELL: ~8,244-??? gold
BUY: ~32,976-??? gold

Wintertusk amulets, in addition to many other equipment items, have the same 25% stored value as the treasure cards mentioned earlier. Some of the more popular Wintertusk amulets, such as Halfang’s Cow’s Pearl Amulet are always in max supply, making it difficult to buy low and sell high. This makes the 25% return rate fairly reliable, and each amulet stores a significant amount of gold. Also, unless someone buys 100 of them, it’s difficult to know the upper limits of selling prices. There is a downside though: these will quickly take up space in your backpack, bank, or gear vault and are a pain to manage.

Rank 5-7 Snacks

SELL: 250-875 gold
BUY: 1,000-2,625 gold

Rank 5-7 snacks are a special case. Because you can hold up to 999 of each snack, there is a lot of potential for gold storage with these snacks. Provided from Couch Potatoes, these are your most important forms of stored gold. It is especially useful because you can easily transfer them between wizards for hatching or anything else. The rank 7 snacks are commonly bought by people who don’t have mega snacks, and as a result you can often sell Killer Tomatoes and Shanta Puddings for more than the minimum.

Important Gold Management Tips

To wrap everything up, here are some very important gold management tips:

  1. Burn through your gold in the proper order. Don’t sell stored gold until you either need it, or have too much stored in items and have little gold.
  2. If you garden Couch Potatoes, sell auras immediately. They have little value and you will quickly realize how often your treasure cards fill up. They’re not worth hanging on to.
  3. ALWAYS sell your rank 5-7 snacks before Empowers. Empowers are more valuable in the long term because you get fewer Empowers than rank 5-7 snacks, and also because Empowers can be traded.
  4. Consider creating an alt account so you can trade and hold your Empowers.
  5. Be mindful of your inventories, always. Always check your gold amount, backpack space, and TC space before harvesting your gardens. Pay attention to any tips that may appear on the right side of the screen. A wise wizard never lets an item or piece of gold go to waste, even if you have plenty. It can always be stored for later.
  6. If you are looking to buy Empowers and there are none in the Bazaar, try asking your fellow wizards and friends if they have any Empowers that need to be sold. Many people will jump at the opportunity to sell Empowers at max price.


Whether you are an expert wizard with tons of Couch Potatoes or if you are looking to farm for enough gold for your next hatch, I hope this series of guides has been helpful in aiding you in understanding the ins and outs of gold in Wizard101. Do you have any gold management tips that I missed? Learn anything new? Let us know in the comments or on twitter @DuelCircle, or let me know directly @CalebSilvah!