DuelCircle Broadcasting: Behind the Scenes

DuelCircle Broadcasting: Behind the Scenes

Our game day broadcasts are one of the most important facets of our tournaments. Without them, it would be incredibly inconvenient for people to watch them.

The Plan

Broadcasting an event is by no means a small feat. Presenting a challenge towards building a stage agile precision. Shoutcasting, Design, Audio, and The Experience!


Shoutcasters are the commentators of the matches presenting our tournaments. They provide a sense of unique quality to each stream, giving viewers more choice among the matches they may seek out. In addition, shoutcasters portray the details of the match towards a format easily understood by all, allowing the non PvP-savvy to join in the fun!

The Design

Every good stream needs a fantastic overlay! It’s what you’ll first see upon entering any of our broadcasts. First impressions matter a lot, leading us to create our graphics with great care.

Match Overlay

At the center of the stream is our match overlay, designed with the assistance of ArtsyMarsi, it’s purpose is to tell the viewer at a glance what’s going on. From how long the match has been going on for to the players and their respected distinctions. There is no further say as the overlay truly speaks for itself.

Planning Phase Overlay

Next in line is our planning phase overlay. This overlay’s job is to inform viewers and tournament contestants on what’s coming up for the next round. From the top, we have a header to state the round number and its’ associated name. Moving down, we list relevant information pertaining to the round. In this case, we have a special ruleset known as a gamemode. For gamemode overlays, we give a short description and then a full list of details for what this round entails. Near the bottom is a section displaying branding and specific information on the upcoming match, such as when the match will be happening and the plays participating in it.

Intermission Overlays


Whenever we aren’t watching a match or waiting for one to occur, we switch over to intermission. These contain additional states we can be in, starting, be right back, and ending. We use our starting screens to allow viewers some time to load the broadcast before the action starts. Be right back screens indicate that we need to do some work that we don’t want our audience seeing, but it could also indicate that we’re simply taking a break. Ending screens signal to everyone that we’re done for the day.


Audio is often overlooked, it is the grace that holds the stream together inherently emanating order. Designed in a layered manner where attunement of the voice, music, and game sound from top down matters most. The voice, one of the many ways to communicate and being a strong point of our shoutcasters, it’s important that they could be heard the most on top of the stack of other conflicting sounds. For that are in the yellow and at the halfway point -15db. Music below a layer, adding in a background that helps settle the foundation of the rest of what’s to hear. Sitting at a healthy green at -30db. And last the game sounds, perhaps sprinkles to give way for the visuals on screen. Sitting around -40db to -35db. Ultimately a sounding conclusion.

The Experience

These four categories help create a complete experience for you to have with our events. We have multiple different streamers lined up for game day, so you can bounce around to whichever matches or on-air personalities suit your fancy. Whether it’s our high bar for stream quality or our off-the-wall gamemodes, you’ll be sure to enjoy an event broadcasted by DuelCircle.