And the wait is over. Christmas Clash 2017 – Wizard101

The anticipated Christmas Clash 2017 1v1 PvP Tournament for Wizard101 is now officially released! You heard that right, after the long wait our third irradiation of Christmas Clash is here for you to enter in to complete against other skilled players!

As a friendly reminder the goal is to test the deck building skills rather than overall skill in PvP, resulting in restricting certain cards, changing the battle environment, or adding other staff members to cast spells at certain points. Historically in the past we have called this involvement “gamemodes” which changes every round; there are 6 rounds thus 6 different and unique gamemodes.  An example of one we did in Christmas Clash 2015 in round 5 was you had to kill your opponent with a wand strike under the name of “Maximum Disrespect”.  Or another example was a gamemode by the name of “Burn Baby Burn”, done in the 1v1 Luau 2016 in round 5, where you get Mana Burned every four rounds by referees are in the match, this limits your potential in large scale combos and forces you to be clever with limited pips and resources, especially as Shadow-Enchanted spells are banned in the general rules.

Speaking of the general rules we have tons to help balance the experience in PvP to make it a more even playing field eliminating RNG (Random Number Generator) or also known as “luck”.  Here’s a snippet of the rules:  all Shadow-Enchanted Spells are banned (such as Fire From Above), Fire Bettle, Elucidate/Simplify, and Guardian Spirit is capped at one per game. 

Of course, we will be giving away various prizes to the participants and viewers of the tournament like we do every year! (prizes provided by KingsIsle who are sponsoring the tournament, thanks guys!) Quick run down, 1st place get’s 60k Crowns, 2nd get’s 20k Crowns, 3rd and 4th get 10k Crowns, 5th-8th placed get’s 2.5k Crowns. Alongside other prizes such as Empowers provided by @CalebSilvah, and custom art work done by Sophia Dream, Marsi, and JaliSkyx, various small prizes such as Beckett wands, and of course every who show up for all of their matches will receive a limited edition, ultra rare, Scepter of Tribute™. Viewers will be able to get codes from watching the stream or random code drops from our Twitter.

Signups are now open to participate in the event which will be held on Friday, December 29th and Saturday, December 30th starting at 2PM EST/11AM PST.  If you wish to volunteer to help in the event, you can signup to be a referee here. (Note: if you sign up as a referee you can’t be a participant in the tournament)

Thanks everyone who’s been here since the start back in 2015 and enjoyed all DuelCircle has to offer, may you all equally enjoy this tournament in 2017 as you have before! Have a great Mander day!

Quick links to signup, read the rules, become a referee, Twitter, or our YouTube channel!