A Mander’s New Year’s Resolutions

A Mander’s New Years’ Resolutions

As Big Ben gets closer to welcoming 2019 in Marleybone, many creatures across the Spiral are writing their New Year resolutions. This includes the manders of Krokotopia of course. Here’s some of the resolutions the manders across the desert have come up with. 

ManderCat: To try to not get stuck in too many boxes and trees… The boxes and trees are too tempting to not get stuck in… Well I’m stuck again, maybe next year.

Zan’ne: To collect more books from all over the Spiral to fill the shelves of the Krokotopia Library for adventurers passing by to browse.

Tinu Bhak’mal: To make more friends. It’s gets lonely making friends with adventurers that don’t visit Tinu often. Tinu is very lonely…

Salam Ibn’dur: All the manders will be free from serving the Tuts one day.

Ako: To follow the foot steps of my father Oka and compete in the Grand Arena like he did, and become champion. It will happen one of these days, maybe an adventurer will help me.

Oka: One day I will watch my son reclaim my legacy and he will follow his dreams where ever they take him, no matter how big they are.

The manders as well as the rest of the spiral have a lot to look forward to in 2019. From the manders of Krokotopia and ManderCat to you, we hope you have a nice New Years’ and maybe write your own resolutions!