2019 DuelCircle Staffing Changes

For Immediate Release

DuelCircle to announce a slew of staffing changes prior to the start of the Luau ’19 Summer PvP tournament.

DuelCircle, Monday, June 10th, 2019 – DuelCircle, an official KingsIsle fansite to begin making staffing changes after the departure of DuelCircle Community Relations Organizer, Vanessa Mythdust in March 2019.

Now that Vanessa Mythdust has joined the Quality Assurance team at KingsIsle, we are proud to announce longtime broadcaster and shoutcaster MysticShadows as our newest Community Relations Organizer!

MysticShadows will be graduating soon with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and is planning on pursuing a Bachelors Degree in the field of Communication. We felt that with her previous achievements and future goals in terms of her education, she would be a solid fit for being our newest Community Relations Organizer.

Mystic has an extensive background in team management, broadcast and storyboarding expertise, as well as organizing and coordinating our IRL events in Texas such as PAX South in San Antonio and South by Southwest in Austin, respectively. Her charisma for making people happy and sharing the same values that we have as a team is something to not overlook. She’ll be working alongside Sloth and help us take our online and IRL projects to new heights in 2019 and beyond.

Shannon Wildweaver has been promoted to Lead Referee after serving on the elite tournament team for 1 year, as well as being one of the original members of DuelCircle since inauguration.

Shannon has been an integral part of DuelCircle since she was a referee in the original Luau tournament back in 2016. Being the lead referee is one of the most important and taxing roles here at DuelCircle and we couldn’t be more proud to have her continue working with our referees at a new level.

We feel that with her being the official lead referee, she’ll be able to help our current and future referees grow in a way that’ll tremendously improve DuelCircle as a whole.

Julianna Sparklefountain joins the elite tournament team in Shannon’s place after previously working as a tournament master at Legends of the Spiral.

We felt that Sparklefountain would be a great fit in our tournament team with her extensive PvP background as well as having previous tournament experience here at DuelCircle as well as Legends of the Spiral. With her overall work ethic, we believe that she’ll be able to maintain a smooth tournament environment and be able to make important on-the-spot decisions along with Shannon and the rest of the elite tournament team.

Lastly, our newest addition is Thomas (Pebble Beach Wizard) who will be joining our content team.

Thomas had been one of the original members from the original Clash tournament prior to the start of DuelCircle in 2016. Serving as a referee, broadcaster, and shoutcaster, Thomas has done it all! As a member of Western Washington University’s Gaming Association, we felt that his leadership qualities, as well as his work ethic, would be a perfect fit for joining the content team and working with our elite tournament team when it comes to competitive Wizard101.

You can find the full DuelCircle Team including organizers, elite tournament team, content team, and gameday volunteer referees here.

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We’re a group of players who embrace our inner Mander. We’re also the group behind tournaments such as Christmas Clash & 1v1 Luau. We want to create a space where the best players in the game can truly shine and not get crit on by a salty 12-year old spamming Shadow-Enhanced spells in the current meta. For the past 4 years, we’ve embraced memes yet created unique and riveting content revolving around the PvP scene. Check out our plans for 2019 here.