Spring Split ’21

Final Playoff Bracket Standings

  1. Thomas Heart – Spring ’21 Champion
  2. Stephen Fire = Spring ’21 Runner Up
  3. Blane Strongwraith
  4. Aaron Light
  5. Kyle Mythwalker / Karic Moonrider

An Update on Spring ’21 Playoffs – April 19th

Due to the upcoming major game changes alongside the 2021 Spring Update to Wizard101, we have further condensed the playoff schedule to be completed by Tuesday Night, April 20th. Due to the last minute schedule change, all games will be recorded and uploaded directly to YouTube instead of being streamed.

After consulting with players, we’ve determined that this would be the best solution in the event that the 2021 Spring Update is implemented on the morning of Wednesday, April 21st. Leftover broadcast prizing will be saved for the 2021 Fall Split. All remaining Spring Playoff games will be uploaded to YouTube as soon as possible.

An Update on Spring ’21 Playoffs – April 17th

Due to the upcoming major game changes alongside the 2021 Spring Update to Wizard101, we have condensed the playoff schedule by 1 week in order to protect competitive integrity.

To do this, we have moved from 8 total playoff gamedays to 4. We have added an additional playoff series to each day and eliminated the midweek lower bracket gamedays originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 20th and Wednesday, April 21st.

Broadcasts will begin at 2:45pm Eastern on each gameday with the originally scheduled broadcast prizing for viewership. As always, all games will be uploaded to YouTube the following Tuesday.

Note: The schedule may be further condensed if necessary. Games may be prerecorded and aired on tape-delay. We are working with our players on potential alternatives during this urgent time.

Playoff Bracket

Playoff Best-of-Three Series Schedule:

[Round 1: Upper Bracket] Saturday, April 17th

3pm Eastern (Match A2) | Blaine Strongwraith vs Aaron Light | Blaine Strongwraith wins 2-1

Approx. 4:45pm Eastern (Match A1) | Thomas Heart vs Stephen Fire | Thomas Heart wins 2-1

[Round 1: Lower Bracket] Sunday, April 18th

3pm Eastern (Match X2) | Karic Moonrider vs Aaron Light | Aaron Light wins 2-0

Approx. 4:45pm Eastern (Match X1) | Kyle Mythwalker vs Stephen Fire | Stephen Fire wins 2-0

[Round 2]

[Lower Bracket] (Match Y1) | Stephen Fire vs Aaron Light | Stephen Fire wins 2-1

[Upper Bracket] (Match B1) | Thomas Heart vs Blaine Strongwraith | Thomas Heart wins 2-0

[Round 3]

[Lower Bracket Final] (Match Z1) | Blaine Strongwraith vs Stephen Fire | Stephen Fire wins 2-1

[Grand Final] (Match C1) | Stephen Fire vs Thomas Heart | Thomas Heart wins 2-0

Final Regular Season Standings

# – Clinched 1st place seed, ^ – Clinched top 4 seed, * – Clinched playoffs, E – Eliminated from playoff contention, NT – No Tiebreaker game to be played

For all intensive purposes Kyle Mythwalker is the 5th place seed and Karic Moonrider is the 6th place seed due to the total game victory time average (equal h2h record).

Thomas Heart opts to play against Stephen Fire in Playoff Series A2.

Player of the Week Leaderboard

During each week of the 2021 Spring Regular Season, players are voted on by the broadcast, referee, and DuelCircle leadership teams based on their performances in a given week. Player of the Week award winners receive a special 1,000 Crowns. Player of the Week award winners are announced during each Friday broadcast at 7:15pm Eastern.

Spring Split Prizes

Members of the league automatically receive the following prizes for participating, in the event that they do not reach playoffs:

  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Mega Snack Pack
  • Viridian Scepter Wand

Note: Due to the ongoing website issues, we are currently working to restore access to the official tournament rulebook, regular season schedules, the list of Player of the Week winners, and more. Please bear with us as we will update this page back to it’s original state.